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Vividoctor leverages Apizee WebRTC cloud-based API for its remote consultation service

About Vividoctor ViViDoctor is an online telemedicine platform that enables its users to make appointments with doctors remotely from a connected device and enjoy video consultation services. Vividoctor offers on-demand services as well and monthly plans enabling unlimited access to…

Customer case: how ORPI Anthinea doubled up leads generated on their website

About ORPI Anthinea Incorporated in 1997, ORPI Anthinea is a group of 3 real estate agencies located in Southern part of France in Agde, Béziers and Marseillan. Affiliated to the national ORPI network, the group sells and rents real estate goods and provides fiscal optimization services. Business objective: streamline digital customer…

Thanks to Apizee, Crédit Agricole Normandy digital bank agency humanize their online customer meetings

Crédit Agricole digital bank agency selected Apizee solution to communicate with their customers through web-based videoconference. Solution spans web-based text messaging, audio and video calls and gives a more human touch to digital customer relationship. Customers feel more comfortable, online…