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Apizee Diag is a visual assistance platform that enables field user to collaborate in real time with remote agents or experts during inspections, assessments, diagnosis or support process. Field user share in real time their smartphone, tablet, connected equipment or external device video camera vision with the expert.
Expert may take snapshots, pause, zoom and share drawings. Recorded media come and complement inspection reports.


Apizee Diag enables saving on rare expert resources and streamline field intervention process, generating tremendous savings and bringing customer value and service differentiation. Its application range from energy networks and industrial site remote maintenance, remote health diagnosis and remote insurance claim adjustment process.



We manage over 170 cement plants and grinding stations in 50 countries and our priority is to ensure that they are fully operational at all times, with minimal downtime. When there is a breakdown, we have to send out an expert to diagnose and solve the problem. These trips are difficult to organize (costs, visas, risks). We looked for a simple solution that would reduce downtimes, travel costs and make us more efficient.

Dominique Wille, Industrial Systems Director at Lafarge IPC

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Apizee Diag key features

Expert Portal

Expert portal enables remote expert to connect to the field user, interact with its video flow and store recorded media in order to enrich a knowledge base or an incident management system.


Field user mobile application

Field user may initiate a conversation with the remote expert from any Android or iOS-powered smartphone or tablet. Mobile device play be used as an access point to empower wearables or connected devices.

Live Video Collaboration

Apizee provides a real-time peer-to-peer video collaboration experience by putting together smartphones or tablets front-view cameras, laptop webcams as well as wearables or external video sources. Video quality adapts to the available bandwidth and screens resolution.


Advanced Video Collaboration Features

During a video call, expert can trigger a snapshot from remote device, zoom, pause, draw on the image (whiteboard). Every action is shared in real-time with field users. Additional stakeholders can be involved on demand and join the video conference from their own endpoint.

Apizee Hub : for external video sources

Apizee Hub allows field service professionals to make a direct connection to a variety of external video sources and to use terminals such as secondary input sources and stream monitoring screens (supported sources: HDMI, USB, VGA, DVI).


Apizee Helmet

With Apizee Helmet, your technicians and field engineers collaborate in hands-free mode even in the most noisy environments. The video stream is relayed on a web conference service and allows to set up inspections or quality reviews remotely with several interlocutors.

Adapted to your business

Apizee solution adapts to your working conditions and constraints: hands-free support through usage of connected glasses or helmets, dangerous or explosive working environments through usage of ATEX-compliant smartphones and tables, integration with Non-Destructive-Testing equipments such as HD cameras, endoscopes or borescopes. Contact-us to study a solution adapated to your needs.


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