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Multimedia Communications

Which web browsers does Apizee support ?


Instant messaging is natively supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 8+ and Edge.
Audio and video calls are based on the WebRTC technology. WebRTC is available on Google Chrome , Firefox , Opera, Internet Explorer* and Safari*. Our solution are compatible with iOS and Android-powered smartphones, tablets and connected devices.
For a better experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.
*requires installing a plugin

Do I have to download something to make a call?


Apizee solutions are 100% web-based and do not require any software installation. However, according to the browsers and features you’re using, you might be required to install a browser extension.


Cannot share my screen

This feature is available on Chrome and Firefox only and requires a plugin. Click on the screensharing button. Chrome and Firefox will automatically ask you to install the plugin.


Why firefox asks me to authorize media?

Firefox will ask you to allow audio/video devices every time a call is set. Click on “allow” or use Chrome instead.


Cannot see the ``call`` button

The chat box hasn’t detected any audio/video device. Close the communication window, plug in your devices and refresh the page.


Apizee chat : message not sent ``User is not online``

User has closed/ disconnected the window or the chatbox. Try sending the message again if the visitor is still online.


User 1 can see and hear user2. User 2 cannot see nor hear user 1.

The camera is already taken by another app. Note that some apps like Skype take over the camera even if no call has been launched. Check which app occupies you camera and please refresh the page.


Cannot access media (camera and microphone)

Edge and Safari cannot handle audio/video conferences. Use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera instead.

I can see other contacts but they cannot see me

You might suffer from a limited upload bandwidth. Run a bandwidth test. If bandwidth available for upload is inferior to 400Kbps, switch back to audio.

On call establishment, video flows cannot be established

Check your company’s firewall settings. Request your system administrator to allow audio and video packets for SRTP protocol or UDP between your PC and Apizee media proxyserver (mp1.apizee.com).

I cannot type the end of my message / I cannot paste the whole message into the chatbox.

Text is probably too long: each message is limited to 200 characters.


Communication window shows ``ongoing call`` even if I have declined the call

Your browser has shared the audio device even if the call has been declined. Please close the communication window and start over.

I want to choose a specific camera when launching a video call

This feature is currently available only from on our mobile application or if using Firefox (Firefox will ask you to choose the media you want to share).


Apizee Contact Specific

I am connected as an agent but the visitors cannot see me as available on my website.

You might need to modify the service opening hours. Log in to the web administration portal on cloud.apizee.com, go to Settings and Opening Hours. Make sure they are set as you wish.

Audio & video calls won't work on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera

Audio and video calls work only under HTTPS. Make sure your website includes HTTPS in the URL and has the right certificates.

Account and Payments

Are all features provided within the free trial period?

Yes, all features are provided within the free trial, but some limitations may apply in terms of maximum number of users or maximum pages seen per month.

I want to add a new user to an existing enterprise.

Log in to the Web Administration Portal on cloud.apizee.com with your enterprise ID. Go to “My account”, then “Users” and “Add a user” (top left).

I want to create a new enterprise

Log in to the Web Administration Portal on cloud.apizee.com and click on “Create an account”. Follow the steps from there.

I have forgotten my password.

Log in to the Web Administration Portal on cloud.apizee.com and follow the instructions after clicking on “Forgotten password”.

Which types of payments are accepted?

We currently accept PayPal, Mastercard and Visa payments.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Remaining balances will be automatically added or deducted from your next invoice.

I have reached the maximum number of users I can create/add.

A specific number of users is assigned to each enterprise when created. Please contact us to extend the authorized number of users.

Still can’t find an answer to your problem?

Please describe your problem in the form below and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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