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Apizee Link is a real-time enterprise collaboration solution that enables teams to collaborate through web-based messaging, audio and video calls, video conferences, document, screen and file sharing. Enjoy a unified address book with automatic presence status updates.

Apizee Link is a secure web-based solution that connects to telecom networks and equipments through SIP protocol.



Apizee Link key features

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Multimedia conversations

Collaborate seamlessly through text-based messaging, audio or video calls.


Video conferences

Trigger voice and video conferences in a few clicks. Invite your colleagues, partners and customers. Use screen and document sharing features to collaborate even more efficiently.

Unified address book

Spot in a glance who among your co-workers are connected, who is available and who is not. Trigger a new conversation in a click.

izeelink invisible mode

Invisible mode

Manage your privacy and turn your presence off while staying connected.

Communication multi-devices

Poursuivez les communications démarrées sur votre ordinateur sur votre smartphone ou tablette et retrouvez votre historique de discussions.


Customizable interface

Adapt conversation interface to your branding and display personnalized profile pictures.

Presence management

Update your presence information in a click.

izeelink historique communication

Conversation History

Get a full conversation history record: identify and count outgoing calls, incoming conversations, missed conversations, call duration for you and your team.

* Effective price for a 1 year subscription.

** The maximum number of external users autorized in conference is limited to the number of subscribed billable accounts.

Price do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.


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