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NUMA deploys Apizee solution

Orange has chosen to integrate the WebRTC based communication solution of Apizee for the new organisation helping start-ups in Paris. NUMA, a contraction of « numérique » (aka digital in english) and « human », aim to gather in a common place a set of start-ups dedicated to digital, in order to create synergies, facilitate meetings and drive innovation.

200 residents and more can now enjoy real time and secure communication solution of Apizee (chat, voice and video ), built directly on their collaborative portal http://www.numaparis.com/, which will enable them to maintain contact and facilitate trade within the same community (presence management, group chat, video conferencing… ) to easily interact with their Orange experts team or invite external people in videoconferences with WebRTC.

Apizee has used his expertise in VoIP to add telephony and video calling functions accessible on web application without plug-ins from PC browsers and Android devices. The revolution of the HTML 5 standard will lead to a breakdown of uses of traditional communication services for consumers and business, the Digital Ecosystem Numa is a perfect illustration.