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Multimedia Communications

Which web browsers does Apizee support ?

Do I have to download something to make a call?

Cannot share my screen

Why Firefox asks me to authorize media?

Cannot see the “call” button

Apizee chat: message not sent : “user is not online”

User 1 can see and hear user 2. User 2 cannot see nor hear user 1.

Cannot access media (camera and microphone)

I can see other contacts but they cannot see me.

On call establishment, video flows cannot be established

I cannot type the end of my message / I cannot paste the whole message into the chatbox.

Communication window shows “ongoing call” even if I have declined the call

I want to choose a specific camera when launching a video call



Apizee Contact specific

I am connected as an agent but the visitors cannot see me as available on my website.

Audio & video calls won’t work on Chrome or Opera



Account and Payments

Are all features provided within the free trial period?

I want to add a new user to an existing enterprise

I want to create a new enterprise

I have forgotten my password.

Which types of payment are accepted ?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan ?

I have reached the maximum number of users I can create/add



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